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  • Explore our new White and XO Rum

    Explore our new White and XO Rum

    Introducing New Additions to the Mates Rum Family: Explore White Rum and XO Rum! Greetings, fellow rum enthusiasts and connoisseurs of refined taste! We are thrilled to share some exciting news that will undoubtedly add a new level of delight to your palates. Mates Rum, your trusted companion for authentic rum experiences, is expanding its […]

  • Mission & Vision

    Mission & Vision

    Made by Mates | Drink with Mates Mission Mates is on a quest to enrich the spirits industry with a range of contemporary, luscious and high-quality rums, but in addition, we also create a lifestyle for our target audiences to enjoy their best Mates moments. Vision We want to offer rums that are blended naturally […]

  • Salud Distribution (NL)

    Salud Distribution (NL)

    In Nederland is er een opwindende revolutie gaande in de wereld van rum. Rum is in opkomst en Mates speelt daar goed op in door hoge kwaliteit Rum aan te bieden. Gedistribueerd door Salud Distribution is er een unieke samenwerking onstaan. Of je nu een bar, restaurant, slijterij of festival vertegenwoordigt, Mates Rum is het […]