Why us

Mates on a Mission

Our mission is to unite people and clean up beaches, parks, cities, canals and forests. We love to encourage this by rewarding the voluntary actions and pour our Mates Mixing Drinks.

We want to make the world a cleaner place and we believe that the little things can make a difference. What do we do? First of all, we only use natural products and durable packaging materials with as little as possible harm to the environment. Secondly, we organize recurring cleanup events throughout the Netherlands funded by the Mates Foundation. When you buy a bottle of Mates, we donate €1,- to the foundation to collect money for the organization of the events.

With the cleanup initiative, we aim to take responsible drinking to the next level. And you can contribute! From beaches to canals and forests, we unite people to beaver away and go on a hunt for plastic waste.

Every event, we clean a new location throughout The Netherlands. And to fuel the team spirit during that day, the hunting efforts will be properly rumwarded. Yes, we’ll finish with a good glass of Mates Rum on the house. Spread the word and gather your mates! Fun guaranteed.

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