Message in a bottle

There is a story behind every bottle. Let us share ours. Bottles come in all shapes and sizes, so how do you choose the perfect one? We agreed that it had to be smooth, comfortable to grip and easy to pour. Furthermore, we wanted it to be as eco-friendly as possible. All requirements combined resulted in our own bottle design, available in three sizes: the regular Mates (700ml), MidiMates (350ml) and our nicknamed TravelMate: MiniMate (100ml).

A little explanation, from top to bottom. The durable wooden cap seals the top opening of the bottle and is secured with a specially designed capsule. The neck has a small notch – also referred to as the ‘bartender grip’ – so you can use one hand on the bottle neck to pour and one to hold your glass. Always comes in handy when drinking without mates (not recommended!).

Since this bottle shape is not average, labeling became a handicraft. Meaning that all Mates bottles are labeled by hand. This way we make sure every one of them meets the Mates standard. 

From Mates, with love.

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