Werken bij Mates Spirits


Accountmate 2

Heb jij een voorliefde voor rum en houd jij van een toffe lifestyle, vind je het leuk om te verkopen en kun jij resultaatgericht werken? Dan ben jij wellicht een van onze nieuwe accountmates.

Mates Spirits

It was a Thursday afternoon at a sailing event somewhere in the Netherlands, where we both met on a boat with an afternoon beer in our hands. Naturally, that one beer turned into a few more and eventually resulted in us opening a bottle of rum that we mixed with some cola on the rocks. 

Many years later we have shared countless more stories, adventures, and of course, drinks. Most importantly however we share a passion for entrepreneurship, the environment, and high-quality products. Motivated by this passion we have started our brand, Mates Spirits, to enrich the industry with a new, high-quality, environmentally conscious, and most importantly delicious drink; Mates Gold Rum.