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  • Menno van Eijk joins MATES RUM: A World of Rum Experience

    Menno van Eijk joins MATES RUM: A World of Rum Experience

    Mates Rum proudly announces the addition of Menno van Eijk in 2024 to its esteemed team, marking a significant step towards enhancing the brand’s craftsmanship and bringing in global rum expertise. Menno van Eijk, renowned as Senior Rum Blender at E&A Scheer (8 years), worldwide supplier and Blenders in Rum, brings in his extensive knowledge […]

  • Heineken Slovensko x Mates Rum

    Heineken Slovensko x Mates Rum

    Mates Rum Goes Global: Embarking on an International Rum journey with Heineken Slovensko We’re excited to share some incredible news with all our rum enthusiasts and supporters! We are thrilled to announce expansion into the international market; Slovakia. As the global demand for premium rum continues to surge, we are proud to take this significant […]

  • Rum Arak (soon more)

    Rum Arak (soon more)

    Mates Rum Meets Michelin Magic; Jermain de Rozario In the heart of the quaint town of Helmond, where cobblestone streets wind through historic architecture, a new and extraordinary collaboration was brewing. Mates Rum, celebrated for its exquisite blends of Caribbean Rum, had set its sights on a partnership that would redefine culinary artistry. Their partner? […]