Menno van Eijk joins MATES RUM: A World of Rum Experience

Mates Rum proudly announces the addition of Menno van Eijk in 2024 to its esteemed team, marking a significant step towards enhancing the brand’s craftsmanship and bringing in global rum expertise.

Menno van Eijk, renowned as Senior Rum Blender at E&A Scheer (8 years), worldwide supplier and Blenders in Rum, brings in his extensive knowledge in Rum craftsmanship on a global scale. He is set to bring a wealth of experience to Mates Rum. His perspective and dedication to the art of rum-making & blending align seamlessly with the brand’s commitment to offer high quality Rum for everyone.

Menno and Bart are best Mates every since and want to show this by the Mates lifestyle. With the many years of sailing experience, we know how to tackle challenges and prepare for good and bad weather.

Together we are strong and play a key part in shaping the future of Mates Rum, contributing our experience. Together, their combined strengths strengthen the brand’s position and promise an exciting journey ahead.

“We are thrilled to welcome Menno van Eijk to the Mates Rum family. His global perspective and mastery in Rum craftsmanship perfectly fits our vision for the brand,” said Bart Jonker, overseeing operations at Mates.

Mates Rum, aims to expand their presence in the ever-evolving landscape of premium spirits. Menno van Eijk’s addition reinforces the brand’s commitment to delivering exceptional quality, international experience and story telling.

As Mates Rum looks forward to this new chapter, consumers can anticipate an enhanced and sophisticated range of products that reflect our dedication to the art and science of Rum but mainly our love for the Mates lifestyle.

Cheers Mates to a bright future!

Mates for life!

Bart Jonker & Menno van Eijk

Menno van Eijk

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