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Mates Rum Meets Michelin Magic; Jermain de Rozario

In the heart of the quaint town of Helmond, where cobblestone streets wind through historic architecture, a new and extraordinary collaboration was brewing. Mates Rum, celebrated for its exquisite blends of Caribbean Rum, had set its sights on a partnership that would redefine culinary artistry. Their partner? None other than the culinary virtuoso, Michelin-starred chef Jermain de Rozario of the renowned restaurant De Rozario.

It began with a conversation that sparkled like the finest spirits. Mates Rum’s deep understanding of the nuanced flavors and complexities of rum, particularly their distinctive blend of Dominican Republic, Barbados, and Jamaican rums, found a perfect match in Chef Jermain’s unyielding pursuit of culinary craftmanship and passion for the Asian cuisine. Both saw a new project to bring back the Indonesian Craft spirits and combine it with the true taste of Rum.

The cornerstone of this partnership was the extraordinary Indonesian Batavia Arrack, a unique sugar cane distillate. The Batavia Arrack’s journey start with sugarcane fermentation with red rice and wild yeast to its distillation in the ancient Chinese method, followed by six months of aging in teak wood, fascinated both the rum connoisseurs and the culinary enthusiasts.

The first meeting between the Mates Rum team and Chef Jermain was marked by an exchange of stories, ideas, and a shared passion for pushing the boundaries of taste. Jermain and he’s team enjoyed the diversity of all the rums from the world, each with its own tale to tell.

As for the Rum, the smoothness of the Dominican rum complemented the boldness of the Jamaican high ester rum, while the Barbadian spirit added its own layer of intrigue. And then, the Batavia Arrack, with its rich complexity and woody undertones, added an exotic twist that set their creativity and added profiles that remind Jermain to its roots..

From Rum blending to the kitchen and from the Caribbean to Indonesia, one is the opposite of the other and differs in profile, smell and taste. Two completely different worlds that are similar in their base; Sugar Cane or passion for what we do. Therefore we have found the philosophy of balance.

Rwa Bhineda — The Philosophy of Balance

The Indonesian Hindus believe in integrating dualism, which is the idea that two opposite things depend on each other to exist. You can’t have a day without light, black without white, low without high, joy without sorrow, etc. This is the core tenet of Rwa Bhineda.Rwa Bhineda promotes an appreciation of opposites and differences. Indonesian Hindus are taught not to despair too much, because there will always be joy to balance it. Joy on the other hand should not be celebrated too excessively, for it will eventually be balanced by sadness.

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Rum Arak (soon more)

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